Advanced 12 Weeks Shreedding Stack

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  • Anavar Lite 10mg/tab X 3
  • Winstrol – Lite X 3
  • Arimidex X 1
  • Etho – Masteron X 3
  • Etho – Testosterone X 2
  • Acro – Trenbolone X 3
This item: Advanced 12 Weeks Shreedding Stack
Oral Only Bulking Cycle w PCT - Full 6 week Oral (1)


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  1. Anavar Lite 10mg Tablets:
    • Ignite Your Lean Gains: Anavar Lite packs a punch with 10mg of Oxandrolone—an anabolic powerhouse. Expect quality muscle gains without the water weight.
    • Why Anavar Lite?:
      • Lean Muscle Preservation: Anavar Lite helps you retain hard-earned gains during cutting phases.
      • Enhanced Definition: Sculpt a chiseled physique with minimal side effects.
      • Boosted Strength: Crush your lifts and dominate the gym.
    • Usage: Ideal for bodybuilders aiming for a shredded, vascular look. Take one tablet daily for maximum impact.
  2. Winstrol – Lite:
    • Unleash Your Inner Beast: Winstrol – Lite (Stanozolol) is your secret weapon for extreme strength and endurance.
    • Why Winstrol?:
      • Dry, Hard Gains: Winstrol burns fat while preserving muscle mass.
      • Vascularity: Showcase veins like never before.
      • Performance Boost: Crush your workouts and break PRs.
    • Usage: Perfect for cutting cycles. Take one tablet daily. Combine with intense training and a clean diet.
  3. Arimidex:
    • Estrogen Control: Arimidex is your shield against estrogen-related side effects.
    • Why Arimidex?:
      • Water Retention Prevention: Keep your physique dry and defined.
      • Gynecomastia Defense: Say goodbye to man boobs.
      • Optimal PCT: Essential for post-cycle therapy.
    • Usage: Take one tablet daily during cycles. Protect your gains and stay lean.
  4. Etho – Masteron:
    • Master Your Aesthetics: Etho – Masteron (Drostanolone) is the key to a sculpted physique.
    • Why Masteron?:
      • Muscle Density: Hard, dense gains with minimal water retention.
      • Shredded Look: Enhance vascularity and muscle definition.
      • Anti-Estrogenic: Masteron keeps estrogen in check.
    • Usage: Inject as per your cycle plan. Ideal for advanced bodybuilders chasing aesthetics.
  5. Etho – Testosterone:
    • Testosterone Titan: Etho – Testosterone (Testosterone Enanthate) fuels your anabolic fire.
    • Why Etho – Testosterone?:
      • Massive Gains: Boost muscle size and strength.
      • Libido Surge: Feel like a beast both in and out of the gym.
      • Recovery Accelerator: Bounce back faster between sets.
    • Usage: Inject as per your cycle. Perfect for serious lifters seeking power.
  6. Acro – Trenbolone:
    • Trenbolone Triumph: Acro – Trenbolone (Trenbolone Acetate) takes you to the next level.
    • Why Trenbolone?:
      • Unparalleled Strength: Lift heavier, push harder.
      • Lean Mass Explosion: Trenbolone builds quality muscle.
      • Enhanced Nutrient Efficiency: Get more from every calorie.
    • Usage: Inject with precision. Reserved for seasoned bodybuilders who demand excellence.

Remember, these compounds are potent and not for beginners. Consult a healthcare professional, follow proper dosages, and combine with rigorous training and nutrition. Elevate your gains and conquer the iron! 💪🔥