Beginner 8 Weeks Bulking Stack

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  • Arimidex 1mg X 1
  • Pro – Dynabol 20mg X 2
  • Quant – Equipoise 300mg/ml X 2
  • Deca – Durabolin 300mg/ml X 1
  • Etho – Testosterone 300mg/ml X 1
Beginner 8 Week Bulking Stack
This item: Beginner 8 Weeks Bulking Stack
Beginner 8 Week Bulking Stack


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  1. Arimidex 1mg Tablets:
    • Unlock Your Potential: Arimidex is your armor against estrogen-related setbacks. With each 1mg tablet, you’re safeguarding your gains and sculpting a lean, defined physique.
    • Why Arimidex?:
      • Estrogen Suppression: Arimidex keeps estrogen in check, preventing water retention and gynecomastia.
      • Muscle Preservation: Protect your hard-earned gains during intense cycles.
      • Optimal PCT: Essential for post-cycle therapy.
    • Usage: Take one tablet daily. Ideal for bodybuilders aiming for a shredded look.
  2. Pro – Dynabol 20mg:
    • Elevate Your Game: Dynabol’s 20mg tablets are your ticket to serious muscle development. Get ready to redefine your limits.
    • Why Dynabol?:
      • Anabolic Amplification: Enhance protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.
      • Solid, Dry Gains: No water retention—just dense muscle.
      • Improved Recovery: Bounce back faster from grueling workouts.
    • Usage: Perfect for intermediate bodybuilders. Take one tablet daily. Stack with other anabolics for synergistic effects.
  3. Quant – Equipoise 300mg/ml:
    • Equipoise Excellence: Quant’s 300mg/ml Equipoise amps up your performance game. Get ready for quality gains.
    • Why Equipoise?:
      • Lean Mass: Equipoise promotes steady, quality muscle growth.
      • Vascularity: Enhance blood flow and showcase those veins.
      • Endurance Boost: Train longer, recover quicker.
    • Usage: Inject twice a week. Perfect for bodybuilders seeking a balanced physique.
  4. Deca – Durabolin 300mg/ml:
    • Deca Dominance: With 300mg/ml of nandrolone decanoate, Deca-Durabolin is your ticket to size, strength, and joint health.
    • Why Deca?:
      • Bulking Power: Pack on mass without sacrificing definition.
      • Joint Support: Protect your joints during heavy lifting.
      • Enhanced Recovery: Bounce back faster between sets.
    • Usage: Inject once a week. Recommended for seasoned bodybuilders chasing serious gains.
  5. Etho – Testosterone 300mg/ml:
    • Testosterone Titan: Etho’s 300mg/ml testosterone blend is the ultimate anabolic fuel. Unleash your inner beast.
    • Why Etho?:
      • Muscle Density: Etho sculpts rock-hard muscle.
      • Aggressive Workouts: Crush every set with intensity.
      • Alpha Energy: Feel invincible both in and out of the gym.
    • Usage: Inject once a week. Reserved for advanced bodybuilders who demand peak performance.

Remember, these compounds are potent and not for beginners. Consult a healthcare professional, follow proper dosages, and combine with rigorous training and nutrition. Elevate your gains and conquer the iron! 💪🔥