Beginner 8 Weeks Shredding Stack

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  • 3 boxes of Anavar
  • 2 bottles of Tren A
  • 1 bottle of Testosterone Enanthate
  • 1 box of Stanozolol 10mg
  • 1 box of Arimidex
Beginner 8 Week Shredding Stack
This item: Beginner 8 Weeks Shredding Stack
Oral Only Cutting Cycle w PCT - Full 8 week Oral
Beginner 8 Week Shredding Stack


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🔥 Unlock Your Ultimate Shred! 🔥

Ready to sculpt your physique like never before? Our cutting-edge 8-week program is your ticket to a lean, mean transformation. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a newbie in the fitness game, this cycle is tailor-made for jaw-dropping results.

Cycle Dosage & Protocol:

  1. Anavar: Ignite your metabolism with a daily dose of 50mg. Anavar fuels lean muscle gains and boosts endurance.
  2. Test E: Elevate your strength game! Administer 1ml per week. Testosterone Enanthate is your secret weapon.
  3. Cutmix: Carve out those lines! Take 1ml every 3 days during weeks 1 to 4. Cutmix synergizes muscle definition.
  4. Tren A: Unleash the beast! Continue with 1ml every 3 days from weeks 5 to 8. Trenbolone Acetate is the ultimate fat-burning ally.
  5. Stanozolol: Define your physique. Consume 30mg per day during weeks 5 to 8. Stanozolol ensures razor-sharp aesthetics.
  6. Arimidex: Start at week 4 with 1mg per day. Keep estrogen in check and maintain that shredded look.

Remember, individual dosages may vary based on your unique profile.

Recommended Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) (not included):

The PCT cycle is your bridge to success:

  1. Clomid:
    • Week 1: 2 pills daily.
    • Weeks 2 to 5 (or 4): 1 pill per day.
  2. Nolvadex:
    • Week 1: 2 pills daily.
    • Weeks 2 to 5 (or 4): 1 pill per day.

🚀 Get Ready to Unleash Your Shred! 🚀

Remember, consult a fitness professional before embarking on any cycle. Safety first, gains second! 💪🏋️‍♂️