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?CLASSIFICATION?Anabolic Steroid
?DOSAGE?Men 300-1500 mg/week

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US-Ultima-Enan 250-USA is an injectable steroid manufactured by Ultima Pharmaceuticals. Let’s delve into the details:

  • Active SubstanceTestosterone Enanthate
  • Form: 10 ml vial x 250 mg/ml
  • Carrier: MCT Oil

Ultima-Enan 250 (also known as Testosterone Enanthate) is renowned among bodybuilders for its effectiveness in gaining muscle mass. Here are the key characteristics and benefits:

  1. Muscle Mass and Strength Gains:
    • Ultima-Enan promotes significant muscle mass and strength gains, making it popular among powerlifters and weightlifters.
    • It combines androgenic effects with anabolic properties, resulting in rapid weight gain (partly due to water retention caused by sodium and estrogenic action).
  2. Cycle Duration and Dosage:
    • Recommended dosage ranges from 250-500 mg per week, administered via weekly injections.
    • Cycle duration typically lasts 6-8 weeks, with gradual dose reduction during the final 1-2 weeks.
  3. Other Benefits:
    • Helps alleviate joint problems and strengthen intervertebral discs, reducing shoulder crunching.
    • Stimulates regeneration processes in the body.
    • Improves overall tone and motivation for training.
    • Enhances oxygen capacity of the blood.

User Reviews:

  • A satisfied customer states, “I’ve been using Ultima-Enan 250 for two years now, and it’s great! Labs always come back strong.”
  • Another user reports, “It works great! Shipping was very quick as well! I put on 5 lbs of muscle in 2 weeks!!”

Remember that Ultima-Enan 250 is a long-acting steroid, and individual responses may vary.