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Substance: Testosterone Propionate
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What is Testosterone Propionate? | What is Testorox P100?

Testorox P100 is the brand name of the active substance Testosterone Propionate which is one of the many esterified forms of synthetic testosterone. In fact, this is the shortest form of all other esterified forms of testosterone and is the first esterified testosterone that has ever been manufactured.

Testorox P100 is manufactured by Zzerox Pharmaceuticals which is a pharma company very well known and famous online both in fitness and bodybuilding industry for offering high quality products for very low prices. Testorox P100 is offering very high quality and pure Testosterone Propionate for a very low price.

Anyway, you receive Testosterone Propionate out of using the oil based solution received from Testorox P100 and this is the shortest form of synthetic testosterone except for the raw testosterone (suspension) that has no attached ester.

The ester is responding for a delayed release and Propionate is having the shortest delayed release compared to many others. Also, testosterone propionate is among the most famous and widely used forms of Testosterone alongside with Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate.

You?re receiving testosterone and synthetic testosterone is no different from the natural one as soon as it reaches your body. They are both working in the exact same way. Is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) with both activity rating of 100 / 100 and being aromatizable, moderate estrogenic activity.

Testosterone Propionate was discovered in 1936 and is used mainly for the treatment of low testosterone levels in men and breast cancer in women alongside with other medical uses. However, due to longer versions of other Testosterones, Testosterone Propionate is nowadays mostly being used for physique and performance enhancement only.

That?s because testosterone is the main hormone required ? is being essential ? for growing muscles mass; increasing protein synthesis, getting more strength levels and many other benefits.

Testosterone Propionate Half Life | Half life of Testorox P100

Testorox P100 containing Testosterone Propionate is having a half life of only 0.8 days to some sources and up to about 3-4 days according to other sources. With this being said, we can use a reference point somewhere in the middle which would make it be about 2 days.

The half life is the time in which half of the product is flushed out of your system. However, the detection time is longer ? about 2 weeks. Shorter half lives are having both advantages and disadvantages compared to longer based testosterone esters with longer half lives.

What is Testosterone Propionate Used For? | Testosterone Propionate in Bodybuilding

Testosterone Propionate, as it was earlier mentioned, is mainly being used for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in men with low testosterone levels as well as for women with breast cancer. However, because there are longer versions available, nowadays, Testosterone Propionate is rarely used in medical fields.

Nonetheless, this compound can be used with great success with other health needs such as osteoporosis, delayed puberty in boys and many others. Yet, in the end, Testosterone Propionate is considered very widely used and famous for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Due to the fact that is offering synthetic testosterone, it can be used for all the needs ? cutting and hardening cycles; TRT needs as well as for bulking cycles. Nonetheless, usually long esterified testosterones are used for bulking cycles while short ones like Testorox P100 containing Testosterone Propionate for cutting cycles mainly ? that?s for various reasons.

In the end, synthetic testosterone is working exactly as natural one and boosts of testosterones are leading to: enhanced recovery; increases in both nitrogen retention as well as red blood cells and also this would lead to boosting of the protein synthesis. All of these processes are essential for growing muscles, getting on size, losing fat and increasing strength levels.

Testosterone Propionate Dosage | Testosterone Administration | Testorox P100 Dose

Testosterone Propionate dosage is very close to the dosage of any other esterified form of Testosterone. This is the reason why Testorox P 100 dose is similar to any other. However, there?s a completely different thing when talking about the administration frequency.

That?s because, as mentioned, Testosterone Propionate is offering a very short half life, compared to other forms of testosterone. That?s why, in order to keep stable blood levels of Testorox P100 you need to use it on a daily basis.

Also, the dosage of synthetic testosterone should be anywhere between 200 mg up to about 1000 mg per week. Taking in consideration that you need to use it on a daily basis, you need to use about 50 mg per day up to 100-150 mg per day.

This dosing range would offer amazing results while won?t offer huge side effects if you won?t abuse the steroid. Cycle length with short based steroids are usually between 4 up to 8 weeks. Some people decide to use up to 10 weeks but rarely, especially because Testorox P100 is usually used in cutting cycles which are short.

Testosterone can be stacked with any given steroids out there for any given needs. Often people add Testosterone to whatever steroids cycles they need, but only adjust the dosage.

Testosterone Propionate Side Effects | Side Effects of Testorox P100

Testosterone Propionate side effects which can be obtained from Testorox P100 uses are associated with too high testosterone levels received. Side effects are generally very well tolerated by most men using synthetic testosterone because a bit of boosts in the main male hormone do not lead to side effects, unless too high doses are used.

That?s why, doses are very closely related to side effects. If you have health issues, add other steroids and other factors might play important roles in the side effects frequency and intensity.

In the end, side effects are possible especially if using too much and especially women are prone to side effects ? virilizing side effects when they are turned into man. Estrogenic side effects are possible for men alongside with androgenic side effects including gynecomastia, acne, hair loss, oily skin, water retention and others.

Negative effects on natural testosterone production, cholesterol values and cardiovascular health are all possible too. Use supplements, have a healthy lifestyle and have a good Post Cycle Therapy plan for avoiding or reducing side effects.